1. DOWNLOAD THE APP | Go to your App Store or Google Play and search for (the name of your hotel) example: “Selina by FlowBikes” or visit our website and download the app of your hotel

2. FOLLOW SIGN IN INSTRUCTIONS | On the app, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process to sign in, insert your credit card information and rent your bike 


3. BOOK YOUR BIKE | On the app, you can check for bike’s availability and pre-book your chosen bike, up to 1 hour in advance 


4. OR UNLOCK A NEARBY BIKE | Alternatively, if you’re standing in front of a bike, you can scan the QR code on the handlebar, or on the lock, or enter the 6-digit code by hand


5. RIDING THE BIKE | By accessing FlowBikes app, you’ve acknowledged you are skilled enough to ride a bicycle, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Most bike have gears and, if that’s the case, you shall find rear gears on your right handle and (possibly) front gears on your left. Gear up will give you more power to start and climb, while gear down will increase efficiency for downhill   


6. USING THE LOCK | Simply click on ‘UNLOCK’ and your bike will be ready. Unplug the cable from the lock and you’re ready to go! During your ride, you can park and secure your bike, by selecting ‘LOCK’. Please respect your area parking rules. You can access your bike again by pressing ‘UNLOCK’ and keep enjoying your ride. ATTENTION: Your ride will only finish, once you plug back the secure cable at the hotel and you’ll continue to be charged until you do so


7. ENDING YOUR RIDE | To finish your rental, just plug the connection cable back into the lock and your ride will terminate. You should double check on the app the termination of your ride and charging  


8. WORD OF ADVICE | Nooooo, it’s not about safety precautions or any of that mambo jambo – you’ve agreed to all of that when signing in, right? We just want to remind you, to ENJOY yourself! Breathe in the air, cherish the freedom, the wind in your face, the warmth of the sun on your back and fully appreciate this beautiful location you’ve chosen